Reproduce your existing part through our simple and rapid steps.

Our reverse engineering service allows you to generate CAD data from a scan of a physical component and then reproduce the part with 3D printing.  Here’s our six step process for success.

Step 1: Project Review. We will quickly assess if your project has a best fit suitability for our capabilities. If we think there is a better way we will make an unbiased recommendation of how to proceed.

Step 2: Data Creation. Use our 3D Scanning and CAD services to convert a solid object into a stl CAD file.

Step 3: Data Post Processing. Edit, manipulate and repair your data to your new specification using our software options.

Step 4: Colour Schemes. We can texture wrap artwork and jpeg files onto your CAD model to complete the reproduction.

Step 5: Concept Modeling. Full colour ZCorp 3DP models allow you to amend and approve your CAD tool.

Step 6: Reproduction. We can discuss with you the best way to produce your parts for one off production and for manufacture.

Project time: Typically 5 to 15 working days is sufficient to re-engineer your part. It’s that simple.

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