Rapid Prototyping

Transform CAD data into physical parts

Rapid prototyping is a generic term for quickly fabricating a full size or scale model of a physical part or concept. 3D printing (or additive layer manufacturing) is faster than traditional methods, relies on no tooling and can rapidly transform your designs using CAD data into your rapid prototyping requirements. Here are some typical examples below.

Leading product designers use Stephanie Wood Design’s rapid prototyping services to accelerate the design process and bring products to market soonerApplications include:

  • Concept Models – Get early design feedback, improve communication, and test ergonomics
  • Functional Testing – Verify designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production; plus reduce costly modifications to production tooling
  • Finite Element Analysis – Produce prototypes displaying color finite element analysis data right on the part. Improve collaboration among project teams, and identify design flaws earlier
  • Presentation Models – Communicate clearly with peers and clients, and perform focus group meetings (particularly useful with architectural models)
  • Packaging Development – Streamline the design process for glass and plastic packaging used in consumer products, healthcare, chemicals, beverages, and automotive products

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