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Ten 3D printers and five technologies at your disposal

Incorporating a 3D model into your design process allows both the design team and the client to visualise concepts. 3D printing can help your project take a huge step forward by equipping your design team with a physical 3D model they can hold, interact with and discuss. 3D printing machines are optimised for speed, relative low cost and ease of use which makes them suitable for visualising designs during the conceptual stages of your design when properties such as mechanical strength are less important.

Reasonable turnaround is 24 to 48 hours, although this depends on 3D printer availability, size and complexity of the model. Sometimes same-day delivery can be arranged if you’re in a hurry.

Over the last 8 years we have satisfied the needs of hundreds of customers using all the 3D printing and scanning technologies that we now have available. With a wide variety of materials available to us within the 5 technologies of 3D printer we have, we can provide the following…

  • Colour parts for conceptual review and consideration
  • High accuracy plastic parts made from ABS
  • High definition plastic parts that are made from UV cured acrylic material
  • High temperature plastic parts that are both high definition and suitable for creating a master to produce a mould from

The ability to produce flexible parts in varying Shore A Hardness ranging from 29 to 75 has been widely adopted by our customer base.

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