Full Range of 3D Printing, Scanning and Prototyping Services

Offering help from concept design through to printing of your 3D model

We provide full range of 3D printing and scanning services. We have an excellent range of 3D printers capable of producing professional, high quality 3D models to almost any specification. In addition we have 3D scanning tools enabling us to scan a 3D object of your choice and produce a 3d model from it. If you have an idea but no CAD model for us to work to, we can even produce a 3D digital file on your behalf.

Over the last 8 years we have satisfied the needs of hundreds of customers using all the technologies that we now have available with a wide variety of materials available to us within the 5 technologies of 3D printer we have. It is normal in conducting our daily business that our customers simply send us an STL file and explain their application. We we then help them choose a printer to suit the geometry of the part and their budget.

In summary, we provide the following…

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