3d printed head scan

Great clip of an FDM 3D printer BBC 4 Secrets of Bones, 3D printing timelapse of a human skull.

Bone […]

3D printing – a new industrial revolution?

Engineers and designers have been using 3D printing to create prototypes for many years, but falling technology costs are […]

Amaze project aims to take 3D printing ‘into metal age’

This concept Mars probe features 3D printed components
The European Space Agency has unveiled plans to “take 3D printing into […]

Our latest investment: a Projet HD3000 for high definition 3D printed models, fast.

The Projet 3000 plus Extreme High Definition (XHD) 3D print setting makes the easiest to finish and best definition […]

We’ve invested in an Objet Connex 260

The Objet Connex 260 can print 2 materials at the same time, allowing you to print contrasting colours or […]

3D: Printing the Future – New Exhibition at the London science Museum.

3D: printing the future is a new exhibition in the Antenna – science news gallery at the London Science […]