About Stephanie Wood Design

Thanks to 3D printing technology, Stephanie Wood Design can turn your designs into reality. Just send us your design and we’ll get back to you with a prompt quotation. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll print out your design, send it to you and hey presto! It’s as simple as that!

We’ve been 3D printing and creating rapid prototypes for customers from a wide range of industries since 2006. We have a great track record and lots of happy customers with whom we’ve built a solid reputation for great service and reliability, even the occasional 24hr turnaround!

Alongside the 3D printing bureau we have the ability to convert your 2D drawings into 3D CAD files suitable for 3D printing by a graduate CAD engineer with over 10 years experience. We also have 3D CAD to 3D print software that bridges the gap between the short comings of CAD and the needs of the 3D printer software requirements.

In addition, we have a 3D scanning facility to enable scanned data to be gathered from either engineering or sculptural forms and converted into a 3D print which can be scaled and changed according to your requirements.

Who we are

Our Company Mission
To continue to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing a great 3D printing service, fast lead times and high quality products.
Revolutionise your Productivity
Incorporating a 3D model into your design process allows both the design team and the client to see a project develop. Help your project take a huge step forward by helping your design team, and clients to visualise by handling a physical 3d model.
Our Services
We Deliver
Since 2006 we’ve developed a solid reputation for quality, integrity and reliability. We value our customers and develop longstanding partnerships with them. Fedex call every day and make guaranteed next day deliveries, timed to suit you if requested.

Our Skills

Understanding Multi Technology 3D Printing 99%
Fast & Accurate Turnaround of 2D to 3D CAD 90%
We Specialise in 3D CAD File Fixing & Presentation to 3D printer 95%
3D Scanning 30%

Get in touch

Please contact us via our contact form or send an email to brian@stephaniewooddesign.co.uk. Alternatively, call 01905 621 535 or fill out our get a quote form and send in your digital design.