3D print in 16 micron layers & achieve very high resolution models

The ProJet HD 3000+ prints precision, durable plastic parts ideal for functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and more.

The Projet HD 3000+ prints in three adjustable resolutions, (in our experience we only seem to use the XHD which stands for eXtreme High definition) which differ in speed and quality. In HD mode, this Projet prints 298 x 185 x 203 mm with a resolution of 32 microns per layer. In precise UHD mode it prints 127 x 178 x 152 mm at a thickness of 29 microns. In eXtreme High definitionthe layer thickness is 16 microns and is used by our customers as masters for moulding models of cars, boats, planes, trains and anything where extreme high accuracy is needed.

Generally, the smaller the layer thickness is, the longer the production time is.The Projet HD 3000+ can print moving parts such as complex and even inaccessible internal geometries. The products are built from VisiJet EX 200 plastic which is semi transparent.


The main attribute to using the Projet HD 3000+ is the non invasive support material removal that is melted away in a dedicated oven system and post processed using ultra sonic equipment.
It is also a solution which allows us to print very high resolution which is great when you need accute detail on small objects.

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