Build Precise, Multi-Material Prototypes

Objet 260 Connex is your entree to the ultimate in precision prototyping. 16-micron accuracy and the power to print two materials simultaneously, with the widest range of material properties in the market.

Print Tray Size:  260×260×200 mm (10.2 x 10.2 x 7.9 inch)

The Objet260 Connex takes the incredible capabilities of Objet’s unique multi-material 3D printing technology and allows you to specify each part of your model’s material characteristics.

You can create incredibly detailed models with its 16 micron print layers. In addition, the 260’s ability to print different materials in a single print session, or combine materials to create digital materials, makes it a seriously powerful rapid prototyping unit for the professional market.


From an unrivalled range of more than 100 Digital Materials created as the model prints, the Objet260 Connex enables you to simulate diverse mechanical and physical properties, from rubber to rigid; opaque to transparent; and standard to ABS-grade. Please take a look at 10 reasons why multi material 3d printing is better for your product design and development.

Base materials include:

  • Semi Transparent material (RGD720) for standard plastics simulation requiring dimensional stability and smooth surfaces
  • Transparent material (VeroClear) for fit and form testing of detailed transparent parts and simulation of transparent thermoplastics such as PMMA
  • Family of Rigid Opaque materials(Vero family) in a variety of colors including white, grey, blue and black
  • Polypropylene-like material (DurusWhite) for polypropylene-like snap fit applications
  • Family of Rubber-like materials (Tango family) suitable for a range of applications requiring non-slip or soft surfaces

Composite digital materials include:

  • Digital ABS (RGD5160-DM fabricated from RGD515 and RGD535) simulates ABS engineering plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness. Digital ABS2 matches those properties and provides superior rigidity and toughness in walls thinner than 1.2 mm (.047 in.).
  • High Temperature material for advanced functional testing, hot air and water flow, static applications and exhibition modelling
  • Transparent shades and patterns
  • Rigid opaque shades
  • Different shore value rubber-like materials
  • Automatic rubber over moulding of rigid materials
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